On the morning of May 18, 2022, Chen Cheng, the secretary of the non-public party committee of Xiangyu Park, Yang Songpeng, the deputy secretary, and Zeng Manni, the party building instructor, paid a field visit to the branch of United Win Logistics.

uw offices

During the visit, the non-public party committee had a comprehensive understanding of the basic situation of United Win Logistics enterprise and the specific situation of the branch.

Secretary Chen Cheng gave a great speech to us pleading for the construction of the branch. In the party building E home, the development of party members, "three sessions a class" system, the theme of party day activities and other activities to give high praise. At the same time, he patiently answered the problems encountered by the enterprises in the party building work.

In the branch construction and development issues gave valuable advice:

  • First, strengthen the branch propaganda, continue to tap activists and hire new employees into the organization.
  • Second, improve the branch activity place, reasonable arrangement of red place education, accumulate rich experience.
  • Third, play the role of government-enterprise link, report the needs of good enterprises, and convey the superior policies.